Mass Production

Merry Christmas! This year’s Christmas ornament was an experiment in mass production:


Before santa hats….hence the flat heads!

I’ve never made 6 of the same design in one sitting before! I even made a pattern to work from, which I almost never do.  Here’s the end result:


Birds! (Pardon the glare)

My SO pointed out that the one on the bottom right of them looks like it is jumping because of the feet placement (tiny feets!). I may have kept that one for us…

They do seem a little big on my tree (they are about 2.5″ x 3.5″), so I may try for something smaller next year. If they hold up!

We did seem to acquire a number of new ornaments this year. Here are two of our new favorites:


A baby penguin may be in store for next year’s ornament, because they are just so darn cute. Then again, a Moby Dick papercut also sounds like fabulous idea!


About Gail McCormick

Science writer at Penn State University; papercrafter, ecologist, theatre-lover.
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