I love the internet.

I do, I love the internet. I love “meeting” other artists on the internet. Let me show you one reason why…

This little booklet of paper cut pandas was sent to me by a charming woman I know as Location Creator. I was attracted to her (theatre) scenic and lighting design on deviantArt, and we have followed each other’s work there for a few years. She recently visited the Pretoria Arts Museum in South Africa, where they happened to be displaying Chinese paper cutting. She thought of me (!), grabbed a booklet of samples and sent it my way! Thanks so much!!

I presume these are cut from rice paper and were later colored, though I’m not certain. The paper is so thin! I have encountered other paper artists that use rice paper for their extraordinarily detailed paper cuts, and it amazes me! I cannot image cutting such thin paper! I would probably end up tearing it on accident after cutting for a few hours…. I use cardstock for my cuts, which is quite thick.  There are pros and cons, of course, to thicker paper, but I generally like it. My wrist and elbow, however, are not as pleased with that choice… (Thicker paper means more pressure is needed to cut.)

A few days after receiving this booklet of pandas, I received some postcards I ordered from one of my favorite paper artists, Patrick Gannon (read my thoughts on him here). So pretty! I can’t wait to send a few! And, um, horde the rest.


Patrick Gannon currently has a kickstarter project going to help fund the printing of his new calendar. There are still a few days left–go back his project and receive some postcards or a calendar out of it! You won’t be sorry!  I love his style so much. So, so much. I may or may not be turning into a fangirl….

November was a crazy month for me, full of course work and grant proposals and outreach. Preparing for the outreach event actually involved a lot of paper cutting! More about that soon!


About Gail McCormick

Science writer at Penn State University; papercrafter, ecologist, theatre-lover.
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