A Trio of Links! (and some Goblins)

After making those tiny little mario characters a while ago, someone suggested that I should make some Zelda paper cuts as well. I rather agreed. I decided to make a trio of Links!

Of course, one has to start from the beginning:

NES Link | 1.5" Tall

Although all the sailing in the game is quite tedious, I like the relative simplicity of Link’s design from Wind Waker:

Wind Waker Link| 2.5" tall

Perhaps I’ll give Wind Waker another shot now that I’ve had a break from the sailing. First, I have to finish Twilight Princess! Speaking of, I decided to make the dashing Link from Twilight Princess to round out my Trio:

Twilight Princess Link | 5" tall

I rather enjoyed making these guys. Here is the trio together:

I must be in a fan art streak, because I also recently made this:

This is the 3″-tall version of Forgath (the dwarf) and Grem (the goblin) from Tarol Hunt’s webcomic, Goblins. If you like D&D and/or RPG-type games, you will probably find it quite amusing. And, bless his heart, he updates twice a week. Quality.


What would you like to see me make?


About Gail McCormick

Science writer at Penn State University; papercrafter, ecologist, theatre-lover.
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