Framing is Exciting

Yesterday I bought frames. A lot of frames.  And I loved every minute of it.

Yes, I spent far to long in both Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael’s on Saturday drooling over frames, and I attack them with coupons. Actually, both stores had some nice discounts and clearance frames, which certainly helped.  The result? PRETTINESS!

I have quite a few more on the way, but I first need to cut a bunch of matting.  My matting cutter is in another city at the moment, but it shall be reclaimed soon!  Hopefully by this time next week, I will have another five or six paper cuts flaunting their stuff in style.

I think my excitement at framing my paper cuts is tied in with the recent revelation that I am an artist.  Wait, what?  Yes, that’s right; I, Gail McCormick, am an artist.   It is still very surreal, and I’m not sure I believe it.  I often walk by my paper portraits and do a double take: oh that’s paper! That actually looks awesome. Oh, I MADE that. WHAT?

Somewhere over the last year and a half I accepted the fact that I was no longer just dabbling.  Well, it’s a process of acceptance…  When I was younger, I always corrected people when they claimed I was artistic after seeing the result of a school project:  no, not artistic, just resourceful. When did that change?

It’s weird!  But I think I like it.

…I think.   :)


About Gail McCormick

Science writer at Penn State University; papercrafter, ecologist, theatre-lover.
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